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All about malaysian food (also international food) from a malaysian point of view. A Petaling Jaya (PJ) boy myself, most of my favorites are in PJ area. You name it, from snacks to gourmet food to hawker to fine dining, I'll try to cover. Even drinks eg. beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks, etc.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

2005 - Local malaysian/chinese/fusion food

Celebrity Kitchen restaurant, Sunway Mas (behind Bandar Utama, next to Kg Pandan) -
promising place, half aircon and half not. The food was alright, decent. The weakest was the butter prawns which was unlike any I have tried in the past. The fei-chow fish was weaker than the neighbouring Tai Sek restaurant (which btw seems to have lost its crowd... did something happen this very night I passed by?). The yin yang pork ribs was interesting. Sotong was alright but nothing much to shout about. Will I try this place again? Hmmm... not unless I have nowhere else to go or am too lazy to venture elsewhere.

Chef Loong cuisine, SS2 - Long have I wanted to try this place from the first newspaper article probably a year ago. But somehow the strange opening hours seem to have eluded me. Till i found out that it only opens in evenings and for dim sum only! Well, after a short 10 min wait outside staring down into people eating near the entrance... hehehe... got a table inside. Being impatient and wanting a quick crash course, I ordered almost everything on the menu that looked nice and within my stomach capacity. Overall, the service was fast. The dim sum I must say is fresher than what we usually have at Tai Thong, but taste-wise, I'm not that captivated or convinced. There seems to be a cutoff between quality and taste sacrifice. Will I come back? Nope, not with the queue and trouble as compared to the my usual dim sum convenience elsewhere.

Charn Kee Tasty Corner, 35 Jln Alor - was told the seafood noodles was good here. Turned out half true. The soup version was bland and uninteresting. But the balls/dumplings were tender and tasty. I'm thinking maybe the dry version would be a better choice. The side order 'special fish ball' was also tender and tasty. For those who appreciate soft, bouncy and juicy ball/dumpling, this is it. The ice kacang drinks was nice for a change, not too heavy... just right as a refreshing drink in this hot restaurant.

Soong Kee, Jln Silang - famous for the beef ball noodles, this place is a historical landmark in the heart of noisy KL. Difficult to find parking, except in nearby open air carparks/office areas or risk double parking ala KL style. Surprised after many years, this place has finally upgraded to a fully aircon establishment. As usual, the satisfaction and quality is superb, never fading. Still better than the stall at Tengkat Tong Shin IMO.

Friend's aunty's recipe - pear flan.... superb and rich. Had their peach flan and strawberry cake before.... worthy and safely say, good competition with Ms Read and LaManila.

Yee Sang DIY - these days, yee sang seems to be available prepacked and sold at supermarkets. Some I had were as follows.... throw in some sushi and voila, like real, yeah... tastes were not too bad, nothing to complain about considering the price is more than half cheaper:-

Penang joint at top floor of 1 utama old wing (near TGV) - another malaysian food place, pricey and forgettable. Hmm... seems like a lot of these places have no competition in them... everything seems to taste about the same everywhere.

Rainbow Palace, top floor of Wisma Campbell - another restaurant which I had CNY dinner with friends again. Overall very nice for chinese banquet. The following was the only pic. The so called 4 seasons dish was unique and superb.... sharks fin, abalone, prawn, etc.

Imbi Palace, off Jln Imbi - had a nice dinner at this restaurant amongst friends. One of the dishes I snapped pics of, is the ribs which was distributed in a nice manner.

TCK, basement level of Old wing, 1 utama - local food joint galore. Had the laksa which was alright, nasi lemak which was forgettable and red bean dessert. Still I prefer Laksa Shack or Jusco's nasi lemak.

Teapot cafe, SS2 - this establishment has been eluding me all the while due to its opening hours (not on sundays and dinner time). One weekday on leave got me here. But turned out an overall unpleasant experience. It was after 1 pm, peak hour, I guess, but coupled with some ignorant and unpleasant service from the staff, my impression turned off immediately. Despite its small environment, the staff were in the unhappiest of mood and ignoring everyone's raised hands calling for service. Hoping the food would change my mind, it made things worse. Ordered the rosemary chicken (RM18+) which turned out to be a pathetic portion, not even worthy competition to my favorite Kenny Rogers set. The kampung rice of sorts was nothing unique. Last chance was to the acclaimed desserts, but bread pudding fell flat. Still, the caramel pudding was alright. This will be my last time in this overpriced and overhyped of a low morale cafe. Following are pics from my lower resolution phone camera (the place was just too small to whip out my usual digicam)...

Updates-April 2005
A surprise when I received feedback from owner of the cafe Azrina, after posting a negative comment on my experience in friedchillies She seems willing to undo and rectify the issues being faced. Kudos to her in trying to take up the matter. Perhaps, one day then, we'll see how this place turns out.

Hot Bun cafe, TTDI (same row as Pizza Hut or Maxis) - running out of choices once agian, stopped over this quiet corner in TTDI for lunch. Tried some recommendations eg. Mee siam, Assam fish rice, butter and peanut butter hot buns and fried buns with brown sauce. I think all were so so really, nothing to shout about or worth a second try. Was pretty dissapointed with the hot buns considering that's supposed to be their signature seller (like Roti boy). Oh well....

Pantai Seafood restaurant, Kg Sg Ara, PJ - another branch out from Unique Seafood Restaurant in PJ, this location is discrete and a challenge. Off the Sprint highway before the Bandar Utama flyover, a huge kampung like outdoor structure was raised. Passing by few times, it seems to be quite popular contrary to no advertisements whatsoever. I tried it one night hoping for a good meal or review, but turned out lacking. The opening promotional item was the prawns which cost like RM12.80 per kati which every table seems to order. We opt for the butter fried style, which was mediocre despite the huge quantity. Prawn freshness was lacking though... probably frozen for some time... urrghhh. They recommended golden promfret (deep fried in soya) which came out a bombing price of RM42+ (probably that's how they cover back the costs from their slashed down promotional items) and signature salted fish deepfried beancurd (RM8). Overall experience lacking for such a new establishment and one that seems so popular from the outside.

Restoran Tai Sek, Sunway Mas - the only packed taichow restaurant in new Sunway Mas district, I had to check this place out despite the long wait for our food (30mins). Considering the new district's circle of shop lots are one-way streets, this place is not a sure miss as one will definitely pass by it, searching for food options here. Ordered a greedily big amount of dishes eg. mayonnaise mantis prawn, deepfried tilapa fish (fei chow yee), prawn fritter, vege soup and deep fried 'salted fish minced pork'. All in all cost RM48 !!!! Is that a steal or wat? The fish alone was really worth the money... RM10 and with so much meat. Definitely will be back for more.

Updates :
Had a takeaway and again, lots of new dishes to try out.

Pork knuckle was huge and drenched with sweet thai sauce, not too bad. But skin was tough, not as crispy as I'd liked it
I had to have the RM10 fish again. Can't pass up on this possible limited offer

Living Food Restaurant, Damansara Uptown (same row as Fajar) - specialises in lam mee and sui kow/fishball/etc., this 2 floors shop space was packed. Seeing that its aircon and popular, I gave it a try one hot sunday afternoon.

Lam mee was tasty and the most popular order
Fried sui kow was really tasty, better than OK restaurant IMO
Dry noodles was one of the many options to go with the fried/soup stuff
Fried foo chook in soup was the weakest.... preferred it crispy instead of dipped in soup


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