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All about malaysian food (also international food) from a malaysian point of view. A Petaling Jaya (PJ) boy myself, most of my favorites are in PJ area. You name it, from snacks to gourmet food to hawker to fine dining, I'll try to cover. Even drinks eg. beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks, etc.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

BKT in Sunway Mas / Aman Suria

Just a personal note for myself to remember my comparisons between the 3 BKT shops in this area.

RestaurantRice Yutiao Meat Soup
Wong SiongOily rice availableSecond best
Shun HengBestBest
Cheow SangOnly white riceBestLeast favorite

Friday, February 16, 2007

Updates to posts

Updates :- February 2007
HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, a time for food and snacks, yummy.

Food-wise, it's kind of stagnant for me. Many changes are happening or have taken place, since my past reviews. Mostly are sad changes.
1) My favorite Bak Kut Teh has moved away!! And it's all due to sibling rivalry as usual (money does change people). I think they moved to Puchong or something.
2) The tai-chow in Damansara Kim also have downsized (again due to sibling rivalry), their spot is taken over by another tai-chow. Now they have a small stall, specialising in fried noodles and rice only... sad.
3) Anyhow, as mentioned previously I have found my new taichow in Sunway Mas, Restoran 88. I've tried all their dishes (no kidding, i eat out daily) and they are all quality nice. Try their spicy dishes eg. Nyonya fish/stingray, curry fish head, tomyam seafood, belachan loh soon ha kau, etc. Worthy dishes are salted egg mantis prawn, aluminium/Guiness/Marmite pork ribs, Choi heong tofu, Fried udon, herbal chicken, meatballs in beancurd skin. As usual, their business has peaked (especially on weekends)... I hope the fame/money doesn't change their quality... I hate this vicious cycle.
4) As for shopping center, I frequent 1 utama a lot and Cravings is a must. Aside from their dishes, try their snacks eg. ying yang glutinious rice, chee cheong fun, curry with toast, etc. Ask for their daily specials, they never fall short of variety and quality. Pricey but that's the price of eating at malls.

Updates :- September 2006
Back to Malaysia, have been catching up on lost food (and chores... sigh! Hence no updates). Seems to be hawker restaurants are not doing well or the owners have been losing ownership to gambling, because most hawker stalls are gone in Damansara Uptown, SS2, Taman Tun, etc. Sad. It's tough keeping track of stalls that relocate. Malaysia should host food programs to track these gems down, just like what Singapore tv is doing. Found new gems of course:-

1) A new tai chow place with lots of new original dishes (unlike the usual sweet sour pork, imperial ribs, onion ring chicken variety) called Restoran 88. It's at Sunway Mas (or is it Aman suria), at the back of Bandar Utama BU11 or Tai Kong village (off Taman Mayang). Love these new places, original and cheap. So, I'm eating as much as I can, before they increase prices or become snobbish or MIA.

2) Also for hawker stalls, I've migrated to SunYinLoong in same area for simple (nothing great) hawker food. However, this place has the best curry puff, hard to describe, but the fillings is yummy (to heck with pastry or texture).

3) Other than that, for comfort dining, I go to expensive aircon Cravings restaurant in 1Utama new wing, who's making a killing, catering to shoppers/diners who don't mind the expensive prices but appreciate good food (be it dishes or snacks) and comfortable environment. That's what businesses is about, good and new food. Try the ying yang glutinous rice, yum! Always ask for offerings of the day from the knowledgeable waitresses (I hate places where they answer "everything is nice" but when ordered, sucks to high hell).

Updates :- May 2006
Korean food - Continuing my journey, I am now back in Seoul after a 4 year hiatus. I will be here for 2.5 months and will definitely have a lot of experiences new and old to catch up on. Last time, I didn't have a digital camera, but now.... get ready! In fact, everyone has a digital camera now... can't tell a tourist apart.

Updates :- April 2006
Shanghai food - A chance to sample a new culture of food since Nov 2005 ..... and to think I've had chinese food all my life... being in China brings a whole new experience in dining.Coming up.... (time permitting of course).... a quick blog has been published but more details and stories to be added on ongoing basis... too much is happening at one time.

Updates:- September 2005
Busy busy busy. My food photos are accumulating but no time to post or update blogs. Wish I had broadband. As for now, can summarize my food experience. Some new restaurants to take note of are Hot mama in Sg wang, some hakka restaurants in Sunway Mas, etc. Hot Mama has really nice looking dishes and very interesting asian selection eg. vietnamese, thai, etc.. Went once, but will go again to try more. Tried their Viet beef noodles with drink (RM9.90)... nice.

Updates:- June 2005
Stuck in Bintulu for 2 weeks.... check out my ventures.

Updates:- 25th May
Just came back from Singapore during long wesak weekend. Food reviews coming up. This trip was a better food venture....

Updates:- March 2005
Oh gosh.... it really has been a while since I last updated this blog. Seems like my hobby and travels were in the way. Or could it be more growing impatience of not having a broadband connection and dreading the slow painful process of photo uploading and surfing the net? Anyway, I'll try to keep up.

Also, I've added in my food adventure when I was in Gold Coast recently, as well as their wonderful RTD (ready to drink) alcohols.

From latest to earliest.....

Non-malaysian food
Roppongi hill
Thai express
Ton Chan
Country farm Organic
Ikano food court
Kim Gary Beyond
Manhattan Fish Market
U-village HK restaurant
Fish & co
Sri Ayutthaya
17th Street Restaurant
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Fasta Pasta
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Nipponyatai Mura Restaurant
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Rainbow palace
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Shangri-la's wedding banquet
Local selection from Restoran Lim (ex Chow Yang in SS2)
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Cheese cake from La Boheme
Cheese cake from Mikiojisan
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Wild Vines flavour wine beverages